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Click here, to view all of Dan's original
wildlife art oil paintings that are NOT in print. 

The realistic wildlife art by Dan Christ results from his forty plus years of experience observing and painting wildlife, specializing in deer art and turkey art and uniquely combining them into train art featuring steam locomotives.  Dan's wildlife art also portrays the wildlife of his experiences in the Rocky Mountains, Alaska and Africa.



200 Giclee/Canvas Prints
16" x 24" @ $195
14" x 21" @ $155

Original size: 18" x 26"
Price for Original Oil Painting: $4500

The eighth in the Train Track Series features an elk
crossing the tracks as the train comes across
the Sinnemahoning Creek Bridge over the
Sinnemahoning Creek in Cameron County.






100 Giclee Canvas Prints
Signed & Numbered - s/n

12" x 16"  -  $95

Original Size: 15" X 20"
Price for Original Oil Painting: $1200




100 Giclee Canvas Prints
Signed & Numbered - s/n

12" x 16"  -  $95

Original Size: 20" x 15"
Price for Original Oil Painting: $1200


100 Giclee Canvas

20" x 30" - $275
14" x 21" - $155

Original Size: 24" x 36"
Price for Original Oil Painting: $8500

Participating in the farmer's harvest, the flock
gathers around the breakfast table.

300 Fine Art Paper Prints
16" x 25"     -      $115
50 Artist Proofs - $140

Original Oil Painting:  Sold

The 40th Anniversary PA NWTF celebration print, DEMANDING ATTENTION will be available on the live auctions at all of the PA National Wild Turkey Federation banquets in 2015.  The prints will also be available for sale from Dan's Gallery.

Turkeys are amazing to watch in their social behaviors, especially in the spring mating season.  Whether it is the hen voicing her need, the boss gobbler strutting his stuff for her, the subordinate gobblers impressing each other, or the smoke phase outcast gobbler gobbling, they are all "Demanding Attention."













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